The Brahmagiri mountain range is situated in the western ghats of Maharashtra. Along with its divine importance, it is also a go-to trekking spot for the tourists. We highly recommend you trekking on Brahmagiri if you are a first-time trekker as you won’t find many difficulties overcoming this trek, thanks to the firm steps built beneath the green vegetation until top of the mountain.

 Located beside Nashik’s iconic Trimbakeshwar temple, the Brahmagiri Trek has its own importance. Some people trek this scenic mountain for the sake of trekking. Whereas, devotees prefer trekking the Brahmagiri mountain range to seek the blessings of their beloved Gods at the temples built along the way. The Godavari Temple is one of the major attraction on the Brahmagiri mountain as it is the point from where the river Godavari originates.
 We were welcomed with a gigantic route map of the Brahmagiri mountain, right at the beginning of our trek. It did helped us a lot to plan our trek as it had a clear representation of the various routes leading to different temples and attractions on the way. As it was clearly visible that the route is sealed by the forest reserve, trekking from 4 PM to 6 AM is strictly prohibited here, considering the existence of wild animals here.
 We were in awe of the mother nature throughout our way, the path built with strong rock formation beneath the moderately dense forest with birds chirping all over made us forget our disappointment of waking on an early morning alarm call. As we started our trek early in the morning, there wasn’t much noise and we could sense even the smallest of moment happening in jungle quite clearly.
 Panoramic views is something which keeps your body going while trekking and the visual treat which Brahmagiri mountain range was providing to our eyes can’t be describe in words. The clouds were covering the mountain tops while the greenery was topped with the patch of colourful flowers – it is definitely a heaven for shutterbugs!
 If you aren’t familiar with trekking then here’s something you should remember – Every trek is bound to give you an unforgettable experience (Mark our words!). Everything was going buttery smooth until we saw a bunch of locales and tourist suddenly paused at a spot and when inquired, we got to know that a Leopard was seen crossing the route just about 5-10 minutes we reached there. But being the experienced campaigners, we decided to continue our journey to the top without freaking out because there’s nothing much you can do when you are in the wild territory! Isn’t it?
  After 2 hours of relentless trek, surpassing through the group of notorious monkeys – who were all over us, we finally reached the peak of the mountain and must say, the view from the top gave us a pleasant feeling which was enough to forget all the pain of trekking. The nature was seemed to be still asleep under the foggy blanket while the initial rays of sun passing through the clouds was signaling the start of yet another day in the wild as the locales were busy setting up the shops around the temples on top of Brahmagiri.

 It was indeed an awe-inspiring experience which we would treasure for life in our travel diaries and the best thing about this trek was the well-furnished route which made sure that this trek doesn’t turn into a painful one!
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