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Diwali is almost here and also we can not keep our excitement in. Also called the celebration of lights, Diwali will be celebrated on 24th October 2022. Diwali notes the homecoming of Lord Ram with his better half, Sita after 14 years of vanvas. On this auspicious celebration, family members decorate their houses with beautiful lanterns, oil lamps, lights, and also Rangoli. One more vital part of Diwali events is its food. One might say that Diwali indulging is a little more curved towards sweets, but these 6 happening Maharashtrian Diwali snacks have a different story to tell!

chivda, maharashtrian diwali snacks, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
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Chivda is a traditional treat that is usually enjoyed during Diwali. Generally, it includes a crisp base of dry rice flakes (poha), puffed rice, lentils, sev, potato strands/sticks, or makhana (foxnuts) that are cooked and combined with a variety of nuts, dried fruits, and also great smelling spices.

chakli, maharashtrian diwali snacks, maharashtra, onlyprathameshmaharashtrian diwali snacks, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
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One of the principal Maharashtrian Diwali snacks is Chakli. Chakli is a crunchy treat, in the shape of a coil that is typically made with besan or rice flour. It is likewise, generally flavored with ajwain or jeera as well as in South India, it has a close relativeness to South India’s Murukku.

shankarpali, maharashtrian diwali snacks, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
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Shankarpali is a crunchy, flaky, and deep-fried treat that is very popular in Maharashtra. It is basically deep-fried flour biscuits. These irresistible bite-sized cookies can be made sweet or namkeen in flavor, although the sweet variation is much more preferred. Made using all-purpose flour (Maida), ghee, sugar, as well as cardamom, it is a must-make treat for Diwali!


karanji, maharashtrian diwali snacks, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
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Karanji is a pleasant treat from the Maharashtrian cuisine that is usually prepared in every home in Maharashtra during Diwali. These half-moon-shaped deep-fried pastries are stuffed with a mix of shredded coconut, dry fruits, sesame seeds, as well as fascinating seasonings.

rava laddoo, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
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Rava Laddoo is a preferred Maharashtrian Diwali snack. It is simple to make and consists of standard components like Rava/sooji, ghee, sugar, cashews, and raisins.

  • SEV
sev, maharashtra, onlyprathamesh
Photo Credit: Manaswi Patil

Sev is a crunchy, full-flavored treat made from besan (gram flour or chickpea flour). It is generally made during Diwali to add chivdas and combination dishes.

Which one of these 6 happening Mahrashrian Diwali snacks are you look eagerly looking forward to munch this Diwali? Share it with us in the comments section!

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