Gone are the days when you had the privilege of spending some “extra” time at home because in the 21st century, everyone seems to be so busy with their work that they hardly find time to look after their house. This is where technology plays a vital role in our lives because you certainly can’t expect one to exhaust themselves even more in the process of taking the control of his/her house after an exhausting day at the office.

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 The evolution of technology has certainly changed our lives for the better by improving our control over various aspects of how our house operates along with the added benefit of increasing the security and accessibility of the same. Also, what adds to it is the fact that we can actually save few bucks by consuming energy on the go!
 Following are the smart products, which we feel are of utmost importance as far the well-being of our houses is concerned:
 Energy conservation is need of the hour and what if we tell you that apart from conserving energy, the Smart Lights available on Flipkart currently can also add a whole new perspective to your lives? Yes, we are using smart lights since long now and trust us, they have transformed our lives to the core by choosing the right colour scheme keeping our moods and time of the day in mind.
 ‘Security’ of the house should be everyone’s prime priority and this is where variety of Smart Camera options on Flipkart comes to the rescue. In the world where the rate of robbery is increasing by every passing, they are bound to play an integral part in your lives. Apart from the security, the Smart Cameras we have installed at our house also helps us to monitor various activities, gather evidence (if some unfortunate incident occurs) and maintain visual records of our property.
 Gone are the days when you need to get up and turn on the switches to get your home appliances started because the Google Home Compatible Products under Flipkart’s Smart Home section lets you do these things at the comfort of your couch with your voice! May it be changing songs playing on your music system, switching the lights of your rooms or getting an additional information about something streaming on your television, all we need to do is ‘speak up’ and everything gets done like a miracle. We admit that integrating our home to a Smart Home was the best decision of our lives.
 Since we are already using some really smart products for our house currently, we would like to share a piece of advice and recommend them to the Indian population now that they are available in India on Flipkart so that they can make the most of it!
  1. Philips Hue Bulbs and Wireless Connected Lighting System – The best thing about this wireless lighting system is that it lets you control your lights with ease and create the right ambiance as per your mood. It has definitely brought our home to life the moment we have installed them!
  2. Godrej Ace Home Security Camera – With useful features like Smartphone Viewing, pushing out Mobile Alerts, offering quality visuals even in the dark, built-in mic as well as speaker, privilege to share footage on the go and providing decent amount of viewing angle, this smart camera has made our lives way too easy because we can keep a track of our home no matter wherever we are!
  3. Google Home – Trust us, we no more need a maid in our house ever since Google Home has entered our lives and what adds to its awesomeness is that apart from doing the household chores, it is intelligent enough to share its wisdom with us, which is way better than the gossips our maid used to share with us!
 Join the #SmartHomeRevolution and #GetFitWithFlipkart because it’s time to step up your home and make it technologically advanced with a brand new year on cards!
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