Are you fed up of failed Friday night plans with friends? Fret not, because we have listed 5 happening things to do on a Friday night alone and that too at your very own for a soulful and tiring-free experience because you surely don’t want to spend most of your Friday night by getting stuck in the traffic while going to the town! Don’t you?

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       There’s nothing wrong in throwing a solo party for yourself because it is of utmost importance to take some time out from the world and enjoy your own company at end of the week, away from all the hustle and bustle of life. We would suggest you to dim the lights, play a blissful instrumental tracks, order a multi-cuisine from your favourite food joint and enjoy the same with a glass of wine – just the most perfect setting to celebrate a happy life! Isn’t it?


       You won’t miss anyone’s company if you have a novel in your inventory. If you are way too tired after the day’s work, we would suggest you to turn off your television, smartphone as well as your laptop, make a glass of some hot piping coffee, grab a blanket, pick up your favorite novel (or magazine, comics, coffee books, etc. If you are not a novel person) and go on a blissful trip by avoiding anything that is related to your work because Friday night is meant for relaxing and nothing else.


       Transform your Friday night alone into a beautification night by putting on a hydrating face mask, and massaging yourself with an aromatic oil amidst the lit up colorful candles. Then, we would suggest you to take a long shower or a hot bath, followed by a short meditation session. You can then seal the deal by drinking a cup of soothing green tea to assure a peaceful night sleep.

       If you are a big movie fanatic like us, then we would recommend you to go on a movie marathon by ordering a big cheese burst pizza and cooking a bowl of popcorn to accompany you on this mesmerizing trip. You can also binge-watch a show which you have been planning to start since long or catch the missed episodes of your favorite web series because nothing beats the awesomeness of spending a Friday night alone by doing something you love doing the most.

       Have things waiting in your cart since long? Then, your Friday night alone can’t get any better if you plan an online shopping session to settle the scores because online shopping is something which almost every human being on this planet loves doing to the core. May it be shopping for your daily needs or getting hands on the latest fashion trend, your Friday night alone is bound to get productive as well as fun on the go. 

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