About Us

Happening Heads is a travel, food, lifestyle, experiences, fashion, sports, tech and happening content blog. The main motive behind starting this blog is the fact that we did not want to limit the joy and happiness of exploring happening things in life together to just ‘us’ because we strongly believe in the fact that sharing is caring.
We blog across various categories because we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing the happening experiences we have while exploring the beauty of world through traveling, drooling in the lusciousness‚Äč of delectable food, revealing a part of our luxurious lifestyle, bringing you all the happening experiences around the world, keeping a close eye on latest fashion trends, sharing our expertise on technology, interacting through personal articles and more!
If you share the same happening passion as ours, would like to contribute to our cause or advertise on our platform, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to collaborate with you.