#AsusIndia VivoBook S15 – A Driving Force To Push Entrepreneurs #BeyondTheEdge & Make It Big In Life

 In the world addicted to entrepreneurship, where every single youngster has variety of startup ideas boiling in his/her brain and aspires to become a successful entrepreneur just like someone whom he/she is inspired, technology plays an important part to transform one’s blueprint into a reality – especially the laptop which acts as a physical representative of the things going on in your brain.

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 As budding entrepreneurs and founders of a digital marketing agency, we were searching for a laptop on which we can rely on and the one which is capable to carry out all my works at a speed as fast as Sonic the Hedgehog (No kidding!). After a lot of research, we came across a really efficient ASUS VivoBook S series, which is known for its conventional laptops delivering great value and performance.

Image Credits: ASUS India

 We were quite confused picking up the best from the lot because all the laptops of ASUS VivoBook S series promised to be super impressive for us but one which stood out for us was the VivoBook S15 because this specific notebook has got that ‘happening’ touch to it which separates it from the other laptops in its range.

 The best thing about ASUS VivoBook S15 is that it weighs mere 1.7 kg and is super thin, which makes it quite handy to carry in the comfort of your handbag or backpack with ease. It has got a really good 15.6-inch display that is bound to deliver you a visual treat while working, watching movies or playing your games on. Powered with Intel’s 8th generation Core i7 processor and powered with MX150 discreet graphics engine, it will assure you a great experience no matter however high-end softwares you are using in order to create your presentations. Speed and storage will never be a problem with ASUS VivoBook S15, thanks to its 1TB HDD which can be expanded further till 2TB and high-speed SSD for faster booting.

Image Credits: ASUS India

 With the starting price of Rs. 54,990/- this notebook has got some really impressive features which will surely raise the bar of your entrepreneurial career. Following are the top 3 picks from the same, which will lead us to the success of becoming successful entrepreneurs:

Image Credits: ASUS India

 Being the CEOs of a digital marketing agency, we constantly need to pitch our clients with our presentations. For this purpose, ASUS VivoBook S15‘s special battery preservation technology – SuperBattery will prove us way too beneficial as it provides 3x more battery life than the conventional laptops because our presentation getting ruined in between at a crucial stage is something which we cannot afford at any cost!

Image Credits: ASUS India

 Being bloggers, ASUS VivoBook S15‘s keyboard is something which promises to make our life easy considering the fact that it is rich in reliability context. As it is designed by a team of veteran engineers within ASUS who know the key of perfecting keyboards, makes it a trustworthy source for comfortable typing. Also, we don’t need to waste our electricity anymore as we can easily blog at darker environments because ASUS has provided the much-needed back-lighting to the characters on VivoBook S15‘s keyboard!

Image Credits: ASUS India

 Being social media influencers, we often need to present ourselves to the clients by showcasing the work we do. For this purpose, we need to use lots of external devices every now and then. ASUS VivoBook S15‘s connectivity options will surely prove a great survivor for us. The full-sized HDMI ports connects it with majority of TVs and projectors used in the industry currently. Whereas, you will be able to connect any existing or potential upcoming devices via its next-gen USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port.

Image Credits: ASUS India

 All in all, the ASUS VivoBook S15 is that magical wand which will blossom your career with its powerful specs performance as well as keep you entertained throughout to relax your hectic life so that your passion to work hard and become successful in life stays alive forever!

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