By Prathamesh Avachare - December 30, 2018

 Simmba is an action-packed Bollywood blockbuster movie with a gripping story, directed by Rohit Shetty and written by Yunus Sajawal and Sajid – Farhad. We really liked this movie because this movie has not only carried forward the legacy of Singham franchise with precision but also managed to shift the focus from a blockbuster like Dabangg in this genre – credits to Ranveer Singh's brilliant performance as Sangram Bhalerao, an orphan who grows into a rather interesting cop and the way Rohit Shetty has effortlessly included a variety of elements to this movie with utmost precision.

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 Simmba is a story of an orphan named Sangram Bhalerao, born in Shivgadh (the same place where everyone’s favourite – Singham was born and brought up). But to everyone’s surprise, he seems nowhere inspired from Singham and actually believes in the fact that a corrupt police officer's life is an ideal one and it’s perks are what inspires him to become one of the lot. In the process of enjoying the life he had always dreamed of, he loses someone very close to his in the most unfortunate way which hampers him emotionally and he eventually decides to make the right use of his power.

 The action scenes of Simmba are very well filmed and Ranveer Singh has certainly done the justice with his pumped-up body. Trust us, every time you will see Ranveer Singh flaunting his 'Police' tattoo in anger, you will feel the intensity. However, we personally liked the fight scene between Sonu Sood and Ranveer Singh, accompanied by Ajay Devgn as it was nothing less than a visual treat for us.

 Sara Ali Khan has played the role of Priya Bakshi – daughter of a martyred encounter specialist, who runs a food joint delivering tiffin service to the Miramar Police Station. She has looked gorgeous throughout the movie (especially in the songs) that we can’t blame Simmba falling in love with her!

 On the other hand, Sonu Sood has once again nailed the role of villain like a boss. We couldn't have imagined anyone else playing the character of Durva Ranade other than him. He has looked awesome throughout the movie with his well-toned body and intense look.

 We would personally like to appreciate the supporting roles of Ashutosh Rana as Nityanand Mohile, Siddhartha Jadhav as Santosh Tavde, Vijay Patkar as Alok Borker without which Simmba wouldn’t have achieved this kind of success. Also, Rohit Shetty deserves a pat on the back for casting majority of Marathi actors in the film because all of them have done a great job playing their respective character and have a lion’s share in the success of Simmba.

 We would urge everyone to watch this movie because it has very-well addressed a sensitive issue and suggested measures to punish the criminals in a manner, we always wish for after hearing the news about rapes. Apart from this, Simmba has also  given important messages like never underestimating anyone, avoiding the intake of alcohol as it can distract you from your duty at times, teaching your sons and brothers the correct way of treating girls/women, standing by what’s right leaving the relations aside and knowing the right motive behind your uniform.

OUR RATING: 3/5 Stars

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