By Happening Heads - November 27, 2014

 Asus Zenfone is miles ahead of its contemporaries as it has been launched in three dazzling versions with varying screen sizes. Laced with top of the line ceramic coating, the phone has instantly become the cynosure of all eyes in a jiffy.
 Well if you thought that the phone had standard AI-SI glass covering for the screen, you are in for a big surprise because it uses Corning Gorilla class3 technology which is scratch resistant and prevents the instances of surface cracking due to persistent usage.  The latest offering from ASUS is endowed with sensor glass, air gap and the LCD module not to speak of its screen touch technology with an extremely fast response time of 60ms. Well! Now this phone can be classified as the gadget which is right on the money available to the customers at unbelievable prices.

 Anti finger-print coating technology allows you to use the phone even in winter season with the gloves on. Now how many competitors would claim to achieve this feat? Probably only a handful!

 The real devil lies in the performance and Zenfone doesn’t disappoint as it is powered by multi-core processing unit supplemented by the ever powerful GPU, fully capable to support top of the line gaming applications. All this and many more attributes make the Zenfone a product to vouch for in the current scenario.
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